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Autumn Term 1: India

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In Year 4, our first topic will be ‘India’. We have lots of exciting activities planned for this half term. Read below to see what we will be learning about in the different subject areas:

History & Geography: We will be learning about the location and climate of India, we will look at daily life in India, compare rural and urban life in India and learn about languages and religions in India.

Art and D&T: We will be looking at using a range of different techniques to create artwork inspired by India and its landmarks.

RE: We will be looking at Hinduism and will learn about religious stories, symbols, practices and places of worship in Hinduism.

ICT: We will be looking at developing and improving our skills in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. We will be learning how to use the different programs for a range of different purposes.

Science: Our Science topic for the first half term will be ‘Living things and their habitats’. We will be learning about grouping living things, identifying vertebrates and invertebrates, classifying animals, completing a local habitat study and looking at the effect of environmental changes on animal habitats.

Music: We are very excited to start our band sessions. At the end of Year 3, we had the chance to experience band sessions and loved them. In band sessions, we will have the opportunity to develop our skills on different instruments, develop our singing skills and learning how to play a range of songs as a class.

PE: We will continue to have weekly PE sessions with Mr Scott, our schools sports coach. In Year 4, we will also have swimming lessons for half the year. Letters will be send out containing dates for these sessions later in the year. Children will also be able to select to have Karate sessions during the year.

French: We will continue to develop our skills in French in our weekly lessons with Madame Walsh.

Venture Experts: We are excited to reveal our new Venture Experts opportunities to children this half term in which children will have the opportunity to try new activities and develop skills in an area of their choice. We will be sharing more details of our new Venture Expects programme soon.