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Blake’s Independent Writing

One hot, amazing sunny day, the water was as hot as the yellow, shining sun was shining like a star in the sky and I could see the prickly, smooth starfish. The hard, rocky rocks felt like a big, tough and huge boulder. The crystal clear water was as cold as an ice cube. I could hear the big coconuts crackling popping candy and the clouds were fluffy like cotton candy. The soft, silky sand felt like a smooth rock. The sea shells are as sharp as knives in a kitchen.

Wojtek’s Beach Setting Description

On a beautiful sunny day, I heard a wave of water so I ran into the green leaves that were as wet as the rain and once the huge, scary waves finished I went back onto the beach. The cold, crystal clear water was as salty as real salt. I could feel the beautiful, blue ocean sparkling like new, shiny gold while the sea creatures swam nervously.

Emily’s Beach Setting Description

One summers day, I could see the massive, bright, blue ocean that is a big as Russia. Below the huge sky, I could feel the boiling hot sun beaming down on me. One summer morning, I could smell the fishy windy air flowing calmly. Under my feet, I could see the beautiful, huge ocean sparkling like a new mirror while the sea creatures swam peacefully.

Beach Setting Description – By Brooke S

Between my freezing toes, I could feel the soft, silky sand and the cold, crystal clear ocean. One sunny day, I could see the waves flying like a bird. and they were crashing on the hard, bumpy rocks. Between my sweaty hands, I could see the cold, crystal clear ocean sparkling like a shining ruby while the sea creatures swam quickly.

Lewis’s Beach Setting Description

One sunny sunrise near the sea, there was a slimy, sticky starfish beside my toes and it felt sticky and slimy like a slug. On the beach, I could hear the crystal clear waves splashing loudly. Near the smooth, sandy and salty shore, I could see the soggy, salty ocean sparkling like a rock solid star while the sea creatures swam slowly.