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Brazilian Tribes Facts – By Blake

  • Some people live in villages and towns near the edge of the forest.
  • Others live deep in the rainforest.
  • Indigenous people live in the rainforest like their ancestors have done for many years before them.
  • They depend on the forest for shelter and for food and medicine. They know how to use the rainforest without harming it.
  • Some people travel by boat.
  • Some tribes live near the river.
  • They fish for food.

Brazilian Tribes Facts – By Anya

  • People have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years.
  • Some people live in villages or towns.
  • The people depend on the forest for shelter.
  • Their ancestors have lived off the rainforest for many years before.
  • Many for of malaria, malnutrition and parasites.
  • Some of the tribes don’t have medical care.
  • Men do the hunting.
  • Live in villages and towns.
  • Men, women and children take part in fishing.

Brazilian Tribes Facts – By Will

  • Live in villages and towns.
  • 19,000 Yanomis live in 9.4 million hectares.
  • Some live near rivers.
  • Some tribes live deep in the rain forest.
  • Houses on stilts near rivers.
  • The largest Amazon tribe has 40,000 people.
  • They drink water from a vine.
  • They catch fish and hunt for food.
  • Collect medicine from trees.
  • Some tribes have had no contact with the outside world.
  • Panara tribe are nomadic farmers.
  • The Tupi tribe live in harmony with the rain forest.