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Blogging Day

Today, our class did different activities to do with South America. The first activity I took part in was weaving. Then we made roses out of clay. Next we danced, made boats and tested them. We made moutain pictures. Finally we blogged and had a challenge with the flags. My favourite part of the day was dancing. It was all fun, good day.

Fact File (Homework)

Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is the capital city of Brazil. Rio De Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. There are 6.3million people living there. They have a huge carnival, 4.9million people visit. Children under the age of 5 can’t go, so they have a children’s carnival.

The 2016 Olympics were held there. It was the first South American country to every host the Olympics. There were 28 sports and 306 events there. 207 countries took part. There were 11,237 athletes who took part.

Places to visit

Piranha Beach is good for surfing and has large, ginormous waves. This is a half-moon shaped beach.

The statue of Christ The Redeemer is on top a mountain which is 710m (2,330 feet) high. It is made of concrete and soapstone. It is Jesus looking over Rio. It took 9 years to build. Lightening strikes it a lot.

Copacabana is a famous beach where you can relax and play in the sea. You can play football or volleyball there. There are lots of large hotels on the edge of the beach.

The Municipal Theatre is a busy theatre because they do shows there. It has the flag of Brazil on top of it. At the front it has big columns and on the top domes which are turquoise and gold. At the very top there is the gold statue of a bird.

Sugarloaf mountain has a huge cable car to get to it. It is 396m high. You can see 360 degrees round Rio De Janeiro. The peak goes into the clouds.