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South America Blogging Day

Today it a was a fun day because it was our  South America blogging day.

The first activity was weaving and we used wool, sellotape and straws. We got the two straws and kind of wrapped the straws with sellotape and we weaved around the straws.

The next activity we did was clay roses. How wr did it: we used clay and little sticks, so first we made like a flower out of clay and we put the stick in the bottom of the flower and we waited for them to dry.

After the two activities we made up our own Peru dance and that was quite fun because my group did the macerena.

Once we finished that it was play time and after play time we made floating islands with houses on them and we were in groups of three  and only three groups won a chocolate.

Then it was lunch time and after lunch time we made Argentina collage and I did only the sun and the mountains.

And finaly we were blogging and I finished quickly and then I played games on IPad.

My favourite part was all of it.

By Wojtek.

Magical Treasure Chest

Once upon a time, there was a big magical treasure chest hidden in a great, deep cave.

Once there were two little boys, they were brothers they were called max and Bob,they were playing on a playground and they saw a great,deep cave locked with a key.

They asked there parents if they can play on the bit where are loads of rocks,just wen max and Bob went there Bob said “hey max maybe we can broke the lock on the cave with one of them rocks?”and then max replied “ow yes we could!”

So Max got the rock and started banging into the lock,once he broken it Max and Bob went into the cave they saw a creepy light  and they ran to it and it was a golden,shiny treasure chest.

They opened it and in side it was a ghost and Max said “good that I got a bottle of water in my bag!”he opened the bottle and spoiled it at the ghost and they took the gold.

Max’s Diary Entry – By Finlay & Wojtek

Dear diary,

Today I heard my ma crying and I went down stairs and I asked what are you talking about and pa replied your Auntie Betty has died!I feel devastated. Why can human beings cross the road and us adorable little creatures can’t? Well I don’t know , maybe you should find out, yes I would find out but were did it happen? Down the road, my pa said. Will I die there? Pa said I won’t.

From Max