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My New Year

When it was new year I was in Filey with my mum, dad, Adam, Bobby, my uncle and auntie and my cousins. We went to the swimming pool and when I came back from the swimming pool I had a shower and when I came out I got water stuck in my ear it hurt. Then we went to the pub and me and my mum had to come out because I still had water in my ear so I went to sleep and the water came out. My family was making too much noise so I woke up and went down stairs so I did not miss new year after all.

By Anya

The scary neighbours

One normal day, a new family moved in next door they had a little girl called Lucy she was very white just like a ghost her family was bony and slim .It was almost bed time for me so Lucy went home I was home alone then i heard a strange noise in my mum and dads room I opened the door and all I saw was a creepy doll and Lucy I ran straight out and hid in my bed she followed me into my room then my mum and dad got back so Lucy ran back to her house so I was safe and sound.

By Anya



Max’s Diary Entry – By Blake and Anya

Friday 10th October

Dear diary,

Today has been an awful day because my aunty got run over by a car and I feel horrible because I loved her so much. I always played with her and was by her side but now she has gone. I don’t know what to do. I did everything with her I could not stop crying. I loved so so so so much and I wish she was here. Why do humans not get run over and we do?

Well if no one finds out and no one knows maybe it’s time for me to think about going to investigate. No one else will.

From Max