Spring Term Topic: Ancient Egypt

In Spring Term, our topic will be Ancient Egypt. Read below to see what we will be learning about in the different subject areas this term:

English: In English, this term our focus text will be ‘Iron Man’. We will be using these to help inspire our ideas for our writing. We will also be looking at producing longer pieces of texts using paragraphs to separate ideas, using features of different text types, improving our story writing skills and writing poetry. We will be continuing to practise spellings daily using our spelling scheme and will continue to improve our handwriting through our handwriting sessions.

Maths: In Maths, we will be looking at properties of shapes, rounding numbers, using the ladder method to multiply, identifying different types of angles, identifying equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering decimals and solving problems involving money. We will also continue to develop our times tables knowledge throughout this term.

History/Geography: We will be looking at discovering information from Ancient Egyptian artefacts, learning about hieroglyphics, understanding Ancient Egyptian hierarchy, understanding why pyramids were used, understanding Ancient Egyptian views on afterlife, recognising Ancient Egyptian Gods and understanding the process of Mummification.

Computing: We will be looking at developing our coding knowledge this term. We will be learning about algorithms, how to debug programmes, how to give directional code and how to use repeating blocks.

Science: In Science, we will be learning all about the human body. We will be looking at the digestive system, the function of different types of teeth and how to keep our body healthy. We will be completing a range of scientific enquiries to help us develop our skills in predicting and completing fair tests.

Art:This term, we will be having graphic design lessons each week run by our new Art teacher Mr Slaney.

Music: We will continue to have band sessions each Thursday with Mr Bellingham and Mr Oakton to develop our skills in playing different instruments, composing music and developing our singing skills.

French: We will be having weekly French sessions with Madame Walsh to continue to develop our skills in reading, writing and speaking French.

RE: This term, we will be having RE Days to help us learn more about different religions. We will be learning all about Sikhism this half term and Buddhism in the second half term.

Physical Education: This term, we will continue to have PE sessions each Friday with Mr Scott. We will also have weekly Karate Sessions with Sensei Dave. After February half term, we will be having swimming lessons at Valley (letters about this will be given out closer to the time).

Venture Experts: Children will continue to have their chosen venture experts sessions on Tuesday afternoons until the half term break. Children will then get to select a new Venture Experts activity to take part in.


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