South America Blogging Day

Today we have been split up in to 2 groups to do lots of different activities based around South America😊

I had lots of fun and sometimes a little bit of a laugh. The first activity we did was to make a floating island that had a house on it and could float and hold 10 counters. We were given straw,foil and cardboard. The best thing was my team won because ours was the best design and floated with 10 counters easily 🤑

The second activity we did was dancing and making our own dance routine up.💃🏿

Afterwards we swapped classrooms and did some ┬áBolivian weaving using straws and wool. 🎨

After completing our sewing we made flowers out of clay.

In the afternoon, we blogged about the activities that we had taken part in and then made pictures of mountains using brown paper for the mountains and salt for the snow at the tops of the mountains. We watched different films about South America.

From Franc


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