The Hidden World – Blogging Challenge

Once upon a time a pirate named captain dead beard travelled to an island called treasure island. on treasure island they were tons of treasure dead beards aim was to find a treasure box  .

So then he looked everywhere and he still could not find the treasure chest.

Then he went back to his pirate ship and got a shovel and went back to the island and dug underground.

Next he was cheering because he finally found the treasure chest so he kicked it open and it was a a portal to the hidden world.

So he jumped in the portal it was a crystal staircase leading  to a troll village they speak one was called atlas he was really nice to captain dead beard  so they were good friends.

So then dead beard said to atlas do you want to come on my ship to live with me but atlas said no because he is not allowed to have sun light on him because he would freeze  so then dead beard said how about you stay inside of my ship atlas said yes of course i would.

After atlas said yes he went to get some adventuring things the captain said  we will set of at night time.

So then it was night time and they left and atlas and dead beard left troll village and lived happily ever after the end.


From Lewis


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