Charlie’s Story

One dark day there lived an adventurer named Harry. He was in a deep, dark forest. He was digging around an old shack in the middle of the woods, the shack was so small that it was like the size of a large shed. It had cobwebs and other horrible insects lurking about and outside the little place there was a small river. Around the river lived amphibians such as poison dart frogs and they keep people away from the rivers. As Harry was digging he spotted a fairly large chest, he put it in a sack and walked out of the forest and back to where he lived. He quickly ran up to his room and opened the chest and inside it was a bunch of gold and a note that said:

Dear doctor weird    VIIIth centuary

I left this chest in hope that you would find it and use my gold to buy a new fort on fifth lane. from Andrew

In five hours he went to the street fifth lane and right in front of him was the biggest building ever. He saw a thing on the wall and the sign said “place treasure chest here” and next to that was a thing that looked like a finger print detector. So he placed the chest on the scanner and put his thumb on the finger print detector and he heard a big bang. He went outside because he thought it was some sort of explosion and he saw a gigantic banner that read “Harry’s castle.” Without thinking he ran into the weaponry room and saw five swords in position on a little purple rug and a bunch of shields, armour and many more things a knight would need. He quickly grabbed a super shiny sword, ran to the lobby and outside was a man. Harry recognised him, it was his dad. He had a long dark beard, hairy hands, scruffy clothes and a grey cap made from a pillar case. He ran to the revolving door and swung his sword at his dad but he blocked it. After a long time the battle was over and he could go back to his fort. He looked in his chest and he saw all the gold was gone and then suddenly he heard a flashy noise. He turned around and saw a man in a black suit with all of his gold in a sack. The man slapped him and Harry went home with a nose bleed and went to bed and in the morning he went back to his fort and called the police so the man who turned out to be his dad got arrested and Harry went to school the next day and found he was the worst at school and now he was the best at school and he played football at break time with all of his friends. When he got home he found he had got a new pet rabbit named Coco. he lived with his family happily until he went back to he went back to his fort, and he found out it hat blown up some how. He called the builders to re-build it and when they did him and his mum lived there with there pet rabbit for the rest of there lives.


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