The Unknown Chest

Once upon a time in a small town called Worksop, there was a normal family with a mum called Alice, a dad called Henry, a brother called James who is 18 and a sister called Sophia who is also 18.They lived in a very small, poor house and all the houses around them was a normal sized house. All of the family was jealous of all the people around them that have lots of money. One Tuesday morning, James and Sophia was reading the newspaper and they came across a very unusual page it was about a unknown mansion in a unknown city in a unknown country.They both was thinking the same thing “we should go there and investigate what is in it and where it is”. When they had finished reading the interesting newspaper they asked there mum and dad if they could go and investigate the unknown place but they said no way. James and Sophia really wanted to go and they were really curious about the unknown place so they created an adventure squad it was called teenage travellers. In there squad there was jolly James,sarcastic Sophia,curios Clive,dumb Dennis and brave Bob.They was going to set off on Wednesday night.In the afternoon They was getting geared with plastic armour,water guns and wooden swords and then they all realised that it was one o clock in the afternoon and they was setting off at eight o clock at night.So weirdly they sat waiting for two hours and it was two o’clock so then they tried looking at the page about the unknown place.They was sat there for half a hour reading the page over and over again,the twentieth time they read it they spotted something at the very bottom of the page it said in upside down letters “Brussels In Belgium head north”.they started screaming WE FOUND A CLUE.When they stopped screaming they realised it was only six o clock so for two hours they started thinking about transportation.For once every blue moon dumb Dennis thought of a good idea but a very hard machine to build,the flying machine 365.They still had a hour left so they went and stole some metal and some mechanical parts from the garage across the street.Then when they got back from the garage they started building the flying machine meanwhile there parents were still at Tesco’s shopping.When they’d finished building it they realised it had just turned eight o clock.When they saw the time they brought the flying machine outside they lifted off into the air like a bird.Six hours later they saw a big,massive saying “welcome to Brussels”.As they went past the sign they saw a rickety old mansion so they went down to the mansion and crashed through the roof luckily the flying machine didn’t brake.they only crashed through the roof and when they got out of the flying machine they noticed there was a chest with one million golden ingots,crowns and diamond rings.When they walked out of the mansion they were all looking like kings. They decided because they were that rich that they should buy first class back to England.Finaly they landed back in Worksop they went back to James and Sophia’s house and transformed the place into a mansion and they also transformed all of there friends houses into mansions as well.when all of there parents got home they all asked the same question. how did you do this?and they all answered it was in our back garden.Then they all had really big hugs.and they lived happily ever after.

The end

by Oliver Fergie


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