Max’s Diary Entry – By Blake and Anya

Friday 10th October

Dear diary,

Today has been an awful day because my aunty got run over by a car and I feel horrible because I loved her so much. I always played with her and was by her side but now she has gone. I don’t know what to do. I did everything with her I could not stop crying. I loved so so so so much and I wish she was here. Why do humans not get run over and we do?

Well if no one finds out and no one knows maybe it’s time for me to think about going to investigate. No one else will.

From Max

Max’s Diary Entry – By Rihanna

Dear diary,

Today I went downstairs to hear that my Auntie Bettie has died. I was crying for one hour.Then I had an idea, I should investigate why humans can cross the road safely but hedgehog can’t.

I felt so sad to think that my Auntie Bettie was so nice. I was so depressed so I went to my pa and said who was responsible for running Auntie Betty over?He said I don’t know then I started crying again. Will I get run over? Will I dot he same thing? There are so many questions.

Then I think again umm I mumble to my self who can’t see a hedgehog they’re so big. Do human fly to cross? Do they tell the driver to stop? I’m giving up it is so annoying. I’m having my dinner now bye

From Max

Max’s Diary Entry – By Scarlett

Tuesday 12th October

Dear diary,

One bright morning, I heard some dreadful news and then I went to go and ask ma and pa but they didn’t tell me. So I will find out myself so i did and I found out myself that my auntie Betty has copped it!

I felt horrible when I heard what happened and then I went up to my room crying.

From Max

Max Diary Entry – By Jack & George

I woke up from  a shocking dream. I went down stairs and  heard my mum and dad talking about auntie Betty died. I wondered  what it was they said  that auntie Betty died. How I wondered? I might think that she got ran over! Poor old auntie Betty.

I felt devastated about auntie Betty I was still upset. I cried and cried for a week.

By Max

Max’s Diary Entry – By Oliver & Archie

Dear diary

Tuesday 18th of October

I  woke up this sunny morning and I went downstairs to hear some devastating news. MY AUNTIE BETTY’S COPPED IT.It was so unfortunate she got squished it was dreadful and spine chilling. It happened just past the newsagents, super bad that road is.

Why did she have to die? I wonder if my amazing, lovely Auntie is looking down on our nice family? What time did it happen? What car was it? What street was it on? What day did it happen? I feel so bad for my brilliant Auntie Betty.

From Max